Monday, November 2, 2009

Shortcut keys


  1. Ctrl+U - View source

  2. Ctrl+Shift+V – Paste current content from the clipboard without formatting

  3. Ctrl+L or Alt+D - Highlight URL

  4. Ctrl+Backspace - Fast delete

  5. Shift & wheel - Scrolls horizontally on the page

Windows 7

  1. Win+Left: Move windows to half left of the screen

  2. Win+Right: Move windows to half right of the screen

  3. Win+Up: Maximize the windows

  4. Win+P: Projector mode


  1. Ctrl+Shift+P: Find matched braces

  2. Alt+Shift+P: Select the outer block

  3. Ctrl+Shift+R: Open resource

  4. Alt+Shift+W: Open file in Navigator/Project Explorer/...

Total Commander

  1. CTRL+P: Copy current path to cmd line

  2. Ctrl+Shift+Ins: Copy file path to clipboard

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