Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chrome - I’m feeling lucky

Sometime, I used Chrome just for looking up new words, like a dictionary. I want the first result will be displayed when I submit "define:[something]" on Chrome smart address bar. But the browser always shows a list of many items and I have to click the item on result list again. I wish there is a way that I can view the first result after hitting Enter. Then, I discovered that there is one way to do that... "I'm feeling lucky"

If you want to set "I'm feeling lucky" as a default search on Chrome, follow below steps.

  1. Click the Wrench icon, select Options

  2. On the Basics tab at Default Search, click Manage

  3. Click Add

  4. On Name: let's label it as "I'm Feeling Lucky"

  5. On URL: right-click on the link below and select Copy Link Address and paste it.

  6. where, btnl=745 acts as I'm Feeling Lucky in Google's search engine

  7. Click OK to confirm

  8. Select your "I'm Feeling Lucky" and Make Default

  9. Close

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